War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend

From Executive Producer Channing Tatum and Film Director Deborah Scranton, this HBO documentary highlights the intimate relationship between U.S. Special Operations soldiers and their K9s, who serve together as human-animal teams in combat. WAR DOG recognizes the invaluable impact of these K9s on their human counterparts. The film brings these extraordinary stories to life, featuring exclusive military footage, personal photos, on-the-ground combat and drone video surveillance footage, footage of war dogs training and in action, and revealing interviews with the handlers, who open up about the physical and emotional struggles they’ve faced.

Channing Tatum Opens Up About His Emotional Documentary, War Dog: ‘It’s Deep’
Susan Keating, People Magazine

“The work of producer-director Deborah Scranton, the documentary features three canines (Layka, Mika and Pepper) and their human partners, exploring their time on the battlefield and beyond. Combining military combat footage with intimate personal interviews, Scranton shows how the deep connections form between members of these unique teams — and how the bonds withstand trauma, separation and even death.”

HBO’s ‘War Dog’ depicts a bond that goes beyond the battlefield
Eddie Strait, Daily Dot

“War Dog: A Soldier’s Best Friend tells a familiar story through a unique lens. But the specificity of that lens makes the story more universal. It’s not just preaching to the choir. War Dog speaks to the value of companionship and the special effect that a pet, specifically a dog, can have on a person.”

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