Earth Made of Glass

EARTH MADE OF GLASS takes an inside look at the repercussions of the 1994 Rwandan genocide from political and personal perspectives. The film details Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s role in rebuilding the war-torn country into Africa’s biggest success story as well as the multigenerational story of genocide survivor Jean Pierre Sagahutu, who has been on a 15-year search for clues to his father’s murder. Despite never having met, the stories of a President and an ordinary citizen become inextricably linked; bound by a love of country, an insatiable need for truth, and a hope for peace.

Official Selection 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, World Feature Documentary Competition
Official Selection 2010 Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Feature Documentary Competition
Best Documentary Nomination 2010 by The Producer’s Guild of America
Winner 2011 Peabody Award


Channing Tatum and director/producer talk new documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass’
Stephen Lee, Entertainment Weekly

“Earth Made of Glass, exec produced by Channing Tatum, offers an emotionally engaging, informative view of post-genocide Rwanda that spares you from anything too hard to stomach. The idea of the film is not to replay the horror of the Rwandan genocide, but to find a blueprint for peace and ending cycles of violence in conflict areas.”

Tribeca Review: Earth Made Of Glass 
Katey Rich, Cinemablend

“Scranton’s film isn’t just important for revisiting Rwanda, for uncovering truth and for making sure the world doesn’t forget, but for shining a light on the complex, sometimes miraculous ways that people can move on from true horror. The political angle is the most effective part of the film, but it’s the human story that gives it an incredible power.”

Winner 2011 | Clover and A Bee Films, 33&Out, Inc., in association with HBO Documentary Films
Peabody Award Stories that Matter

“For telling the Rwandan story through two lenses that illuminate each other and the Rwandan story as a whole, a Peabody goes to Earth Made of Glass.”

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